27 may

Three police officers jailed for acts of corruption

There policemen from Straseni were sentenced to imprisonment for passive corruption and misuse of power. Two of them got by six years in jail and were fined 20,000 lei each, being also deprived of the right to work in the bodies of the Ministry of the Interior for four years. The third police officer was sentenced to three years behind bars and banned from holding posts in the Ministry for three years, IPN reports, quoting the Prosecutor General’s Office.

In January 2012, the culprits, who worked at the Straseni Police Commissariat, went to the home of a man from Roscana village, where they discovered and seized four firearms and ammunition held illegally. In several days, the police officers told the man that they can hush up this case for a reward of €2,000.

But the man denounced the policemen. After the three were charged, the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office filed an application to the Ministry of the Interior, asking suspending the policemen from posts, but the application was rejected. In 2012, the district court acquitted the three police officers. The prosecutors challenged the decision. Recently, the Chisinau Court of Appeals found the three guilty and convicted them. The decision can be appealed to a higher court.