29 july

Serebrian: Moldova needs foreign investments to increase GDP to European average

The Moldovan-French relations have developed constantly since 2010 until now. An increasing number of foreign investors are disposed to invest in Moldova, mainly in green energy, Moldova’s Ambassador to France Oleg Serebrian said in the program “White Black Contrast” on unimedia.md.

The ambassador said that Moldova has made considerable progress. “In 2010, I could not believe that the liberalization of the visa regime is possible, knowing the position of particular French institutions. This year we also signed the Association Agreement,” said Oleg Serebrian. According to him, France forms part of the group of countries that oppose the enlargement. “Judging by the statements of some of the countries, the entry into the EU is now impossible. But I want to say that they do not oppose Moldova, but the enlargement process in general. Five years is anyway not a term that should scare us,” said the ambassador.

Oleg Serebrian noted that Moldova must pay special attention to the economic sector, which is the most important one in harmonizing the relations stipulated in the Association Agreement. “The Gross Domestic Product, which is under the European average, should be increases. More local and foreign investments are needed to attract the Moldovans from such European countries as Italy, Spain and France,” he stated

According to him, Moldova is not known in France as a wine producer, but the Moldovan products are of a high quality and are popular with the French people. “At a wine tasting event in southern France, a French producer signed an advantageous contract for Moldova, while the Moldovan wines are now better promoted. At the embassy we keep only wines made in Moldova,” said Oleg Serebrian.

He added that there are 25,000 Moldovans in France and an honorific consulate for them will be opened in Lyon or Marseille in 2015.