17 february

Coalition MPs seek investigation into attempt to corrupt lawmakers

The lawmakers of the government coalition requested publicly the law enforcement bodies to investigate the attempt to corrupt a number of MPs. Related statements were made in the program “Replica” on Prime TV channel on February 16, IPN reports.

Deputy chairman of the Liberal-Democratic Party of Moldova (PLDM) Valeriu Strelet, who heads the parliamentary group of the Lib-Dems, said the authors of the attempt can be held accountable for active corruption and voiced hope that the necessary evidence will be identified. The PLDM is examining this case and the preliminary results show that controversial businessman Veaceslav Platon is involved in this case.

According to Strelet, somebody wants to break the government coalition up in order to hinder the signing of the Association Agreement with the EU. If at most four MPs are corrupted, the coalition will no longer hold a majority in Parliament and this will endanger the country’s European course.

President of honor of the Democratic Party (PDM), MP Dumitru Diacov said he has full confidence in the lawmakers who undertook a difficult task – the signing of the Association Agreement. Therefore, they will not yield up. Similar attempts were made earlier too and the law enforcement bodies should take steps to thwart such attempts.

Co-chairwoman of the Liberal Reforming Party (PLR) Ana Gutu underlined that the Security and Information Service must investigate these cases.

Last week, a Democratic MP and Liberal-Democratic one informed on a social networking site that they were contacted by an individual and told that a new faction would be formed in Parliament, consisting of lawmakers who would defect from the PLDM, PDM and PLR. They were offered large sums of money so that they joined the new faction.