09 april

Candidate for the Bar accuses Licensing Commission of illegalities

A candidate for the legal profession, Dumitru Buliga said that his rights were infringed when he wasn’t admitted to the second stage of the qualification exam – the oral test. He accuses the members of the Licensing Commission of committing illegalities.

In a news conference at IPN, Dumitru Buliga said the Licensing Commission wasn’t constituted legally as it had only 10 members, not 11, as the Law on Advocacy provides. Also, the commission didn’t explain its decision not to admit him to the exam and didn’t present arguments when it rejected the challenge submitted by Dumitru Buliga.

The candidate is convinced that he provided correct answers to all the subjects of the written test. “It’s clear that this commission, not being interested in admitting me to the Bar, rejected my candidacy even if I gave concrete answers,” stated Dumitru Buliga

He also said that he went to court, but avoided saying the reason so as not to influence the examination of the case. The court will pass judgment in this case on April 10. Afterward, Dumitru Buliga will present the court’s decision in a news conference.