15 january

IMF experts will support the tax authorities of Moldova in promotion of voluntary declaration of taxes of individuals with high income

As the press-service of the General State Tax Inspectorate (GSTI) informed, this was announced by the expert of IMF mission John Buchanan during the meeting with the leadership of the department. The experts of IMF Tax Department stay in Chisinau on January 14-27 for consultations on the work of the tax authorities with individuals receiving considerable income. Speaking about the importance of promoting voluntary tax confirmation, the IMF expert noted that individuals with high income shall comply with obligations to the state budget on a voluntary basis. He expressed IMF readiness to provide support in raising the level of professionalism of GSTI, share experiences and practices, including organization of the training seminar with IMF financial support. The head of the General State Tax Inspectorate Ion Prisacaru noted that many tax authorities in different countries of the world have initiated special programs, which comprehensively address the problem of tax administration of individuals with high income. He drew attention to the fact that rich individuals present a high risk of tax evasion due to the complexity of this category of taxpayers, their high income level and application of the aggressive methods of tax planning. Ion Prisacaru informed that the tax authorities of the country initiated their own program of administration of individuals with high income, which is incorporated in the relevant plans and programs of the department. «GSTI tries to take special care of this category of the taxpayers recognizing the fact that these taxpayers would bring more income to the budget of the country”-, he said, noting that the amendments to the Tax code allow to apply indirect methods of taxation for the assessment of taxable income of individuals; which are the owners of the expensive real estate and have a high level of personal spending. It should be noted that during the meeting with IMF experts the prospects of conducting expertise of the national legislation in the tax sector, including the involvement of foreign experts in this process were also discussed. // 14.01.2014 - InfoMarket.