24 july

MPs accused of political irresponsibility

The fact that the bills concerning the women’s political representation weren’t adopted in the final reading represents great irresponsibility on the part of the lawmakers, the executive director of the Partnership for Development Centre Alexei Buzu said in a news conference at IPN.

“Last week, Parliament showed lack of professionalism,” stated Alexei Buzu, underlining there were no reasons to delay the adoption of these bills in the final reading.

He added that the setting of a women’s representation quota for the lists of candidates in elections represents a priority for the electoral period of this year. The non-adoption of these laws in the final reading will lead to the perpetuation of a number of electoral and democratic deficiencies until the next elections.

According to civil society data, the women’s political representation rate in Moldova is lower than the European and world averages. It is higher only than the rate in the Muslim states.

The mentioned bills impose a women’s representation quota of minimum 40%.