09 april

Chisinau shall cancel not solely excises, but also customs and environment taxes on transnistrian importers – Carpov

Moldova shall cancel for Transnistrian economic operators not only excises on imports but also environment and customs duties, Moldova’s Political Representative at the Transnistria negotiations, Deputy Prime Minister for Reintegration Affairs Eugen Carpov stated in the TV7 channel’s “Politica” live program on Monday night, commenting Tiraspol’s refusal to go to Vienna for an ordinary round of 5+2 format negotiations.

He called the solution of the problem, which was proposed to the Moldovan Parliament, “a package solution”, and the last Friday’s upsetting of voting for the document as “the filling of the Parliament’s agenda with unplanned questions”.

Carpov explained that last Thursday, the Parliament was busy debating the opposition-demanded dismissal of the Government, and on Friday practically the whole plenary day was dedicated to establishing the reasons of the April 7, 2009 disturbances in Chisinau. The deputy prime minister promised that the Transnistrian document will be considered and voted for on April 10.

Eugen Carpov presumes that Tiraspol’s refusal to go to Vienna will not indeed lead to a better understanding of each other’s positions – on the contrary will only postpone the possibility to hold serious negotiations on Transnistrian conflict settlement.

“The very fact of putting forth preconditions to participating in the talks is already an obstacle”, stressed the Deputy Premier, and remarked that despite an obvious crisis in Chisinau-Tiraspol relations lately, the sides’ political representatives and experts meet much more often lately. click