25 june

EU provides 6 million euros for Moldovan healthcare system

The European Union provided to the Moldovan Ministry of Health the last tranche of budgetary assistance for the health care system worth 6 million euros.

Ministry of Health Andrei Usatii said at the Thursday press conference that from 2008 till 2012 the EU provided to Moldova financial assistance worth 49.4 million euros and technical support worth 3.1 million euros within the Health Policies Support Program.

“The last tranche will allow training qualified doctors in the University Center of Simulation in Medical Training, to teach students, using modern equipment and mannequins, as well as improve the medicine quality”, said Usatii, adding that the Ministry tends to achieve a complete qualitative healthcare system, corresponding to the European standards.

“Besides the future specialists’ training, the center will inform the society about diseases and methods of treatment”, said the Minister.

According to him, over 2 thousand medical workers and students have been trained in the center since 2013.

Ambassador Pirkka Tapiola, Head of the European Union Delegation to Moldova, said that the additional tranche transferred to Moldova means that the EU appreciated the work done by the Government and the Ministry and decided to provide assistance.

According to him, Moldova tends that all the areas of activity to meet the European standards.

He mentioned that the program completion does not mean that the EU will stop providing assistance and financing different projects.

The EU continues to support Moldova in national policies and soon, within joint cooperation, will launch a project on organ transplantation, as well as it wants Moldova to participate at the international program “Health for Growth 2020”, said the diplomat.

The Center Director Andrei Romancenco mentioned that due to the EU financing, repairs were conducted and modern equipment was purchased.

According to him, the center is unique; there are no similar projects both in Romania or Ukraine.

Romancenco announced that another 320 Moldovan family doctors will undergo training till September 2015 and that the cross-border cooperation with specialists from neighboring countries will continue.

Infotag’s dossier: The University Center for Simulation in Medical Training of the Nicolai Testemitanu State University of Medicine and Pharmacy opened in 2013 with the EU financial assistance worth 1.4 million euros. The Center is equipped with modern facilities and programs, which correspond to the European and international standards.