11 march

Igor Corman urges young people to support Moldova’s integration into EU

Head of Parliament Igor Corman called on students of the Balti-based State University “Alecu Russo” to firmly support and convincingly promote the national European integration objective. The Speaker paid a visit to the university together with the Head of the EU Delegation to Moldova Pirka Tappiola. The officials discussed Moldova’s European integration agenda, the advantages of being part of the EU and the prospects of developing new projects at national level with lecturers and students, IPN reports, quoting a communiqué from Parliament.

Igor Corman said the authorities are determined to sign and ratify the Association Agreement with the EU within the current mandate of the legislature. “The signing of the agreement will be a powerful signal for the foreign investors that things in Moldova go right,” stated the Speaker. In this connection, he referred to the Balti Free Economic Zone where new workplaces with attractive conditions and decent salaries were created owing to foreign investments.

The Head of Parliament also said that the development of Moldova based on the European model should not hinder the maintaining of the traditional relations with the Eastern partners. “The European integration process is not a geopolitical option, but a model for developing the country and there is no other better model for our country than the European integration,” he stated.

After the meeting with lecturers and students, Igor Corman and Pirka Tappiola visited the EU Information and Documentation Center opened inside the library of the Balti University “Alecu Russo”.