16 may

Referendum on association with EU is only political speculation, officials

Head of Parliament Igor Corman said some of the Moldovan politicians’ insistence that a referendum on the signing of the Association Agreement with the EU should be held in Moldova is only political speculation. He underlined the assertions that Moldova will lose a part of its sovereignty if it associates itself with the EU are erroneous, IPN reports.

After the May 15 sitting of Parliament, Igor Corman told the journalists that this autumn’s elections will be the best referendum as the people will decide which parties will enter the next legislative body depending on the external development course they support. Furthermore, the authorities must ensure peace in society so as to hold the elections in a free and democratic way.

The head of the Liberal-Democratic parliamentary group Valeriu Strelet referred to the Communists’ demand that President Nicolae Timofti should initiate a national referendum on the signing of the accord within two weeks. He said the Communist Party should bear in mind that the Constitution bans the instigation of destabilization in society.

The lawmaker called on all the competent bodies to be attentive to the statements made by the Moldovan politicians of different ranks and to prevent the destabilization of the situation.