31 july

Water distribution points to work all over Moldova

The Civil Protection and Emergencies Service has announced that nine water distribution points will be set up all over the country starting with July 31 given the expected dog days and very high temperatures, IPN reports.

According to a communiqué of the Service, tents to supply water will be put up following an order made by the Government, which instructed setting up such points in crowded places. People will be given water in those tents, while some of the passersby can take shelter from the midday sun there.

Five of the nine tents will be pitched in the municipality of Chisinau, two in the municipality of Balti and by one in Cahul and Comrat towns. They will work between 11am and 6pm. The Civil Protection and Emergencies Service warns that daytime temperatures on July 30 – August 5 are forecast to exceed 33 degrees Celsius. The people are urged to obey the anti-fire rules so as to avoid fires. Rescuers recommend persons with kids and the elderly people to keep out of the sun during the hot period of the day.