02 july

Turkish businessman murderers sentenced to a total of 80 years

Members of criminal group from one of Chisinau suburbs, who killed in 2012 a Turkish businessman, were sentenced from 6 to 25 years.

According to the Chamber of Appeals, two members of the group, who were at liberty during the investigation, were arrested in the courtroom. The direct executor of murder got 25 years of imprisonment. The young woman, who was a minor at the time of the offence, was sentenced to six years.

Turkish businessman had lived in Chisinau for a long time and had a profitable business. After a casual; acquaintance, young women from Chisinau suburb Colinita started visiting him. Once, with the permission of the foreigner, they brought several young men. After a while, the latter cold-bloodedly killed the 60-year-old businessman, taking all the valuables from the apartment, including 500 thousand lei.

Prosecutors, who demanded severe punishment for members of the group, believe that this is not the first crime they committed.