26 august

Over 150 people hospitalized with food poisoning after DP summer camp

Over 150 people were hospitalized with symptoms of the food poisoning after participation in youth summer camp, organized by the Democratic Party of Moldova (DPM) in Dumbrava holiday camp, from Peresecina village (Orhei raion).

The National Center for Public Health announced that around 1900 young people participated in the summer camp, about which the Orhei branch of the Service for State Supervision of the Public Health was not informed.

According to the preliminary data, the summer camp participants were fed with dishes, prepared by Chisinau enterprise Megama Rapid. Sanitary inspectors assumed that the intoxication may be due to consumption of poor-quality food products.

The DPM states that the contract on supplying food products was signed with a Chisinau company, whose documents and experience in servicing such events were preliminarily checked. However the Democratic Party demands authorities to thoroughly investigate the case and punish those, whose guilt will be proven.

“This is a fully unpleasant incident, which, we hope, will be successfully overcome, especially taking into account the fact that the finale of the “Democracy Trophy” in the summer camp is the culmination of a chain of similar events, organized by the DPM in the country’s raions and conducted in best conditions” mentioned the Democratic party press release.