01 april

Head of EU Delegation: We will double efforts to support partners

The EU is determined to support its partners in a period when pressure is exerted from other parts, while the signing of the Association Agreement with Moldova is not a hurry, but a response to the implementation of reforms and fulfillment of commitments, Head of the EU Delegation to Moldova Pirkka Tapiola told a news conference, quoted by IPN.

“We are near our partners. We are committed to perform particular procedures and will double our efforts, as agreed. It is part of our powerful commitment to the Republic of Moldova,” said the EU Ambassador.

Referring to the EU accession prospect, the official avoided giving terms, saying what counts the most is what the countries do when promoting reforms. “Moldova must assume a large part of the EU’s legislation. We refer to standardization, transparent competition and fundamental matters that exist in the EU. When you do this, you will get closer to the EU,” said Pirkka Tapiola.

As to Moldova’s 2013 European Neighborhood Policy Progress Report, the EU official said that the country made progress, but has yet work to do. He recommended not modifying the electoral legislation in an electoral year. The EU wants well governed countries with consolidated democratic systems that invest in law enforcement and institutions in its neighborhood. “The rules of the game are not changed during the game because one side wins, while the other does not. The deviation from the basic principles will mean that the EU is no longer the EU,” he stated.

Among other recommendations formulated are to intensify the fight against corruption, to accelerate the reforms in justice and in the law implementation system. The EU also wants Moldova to strengthen its system for protecting the human rights and fundamental freedoms, to adopt a law on party financing and a law on media ownership transparency, to take measures to improve the business and investment climate and to make effort to enhance competitiveness of the Moldovan economy.