20 august

​Former chisinau mayor Serafim Urechean wants to run for this post again

Serafim Urechean, incumbent Chairman of the Moldovan Accounts Chamber, who held the Chisinau Mayor’s post in 1993 through 2005, is going to run for the high position once again, he announced in his interview with the Work & Rest magazine.

“I miss Chisinau citizens very much because there are great people among them who love their native city deeply. We can do so much together. When I was leaving the mayoral post, I said that if things in the Moldovan capital worsen, I might come back. Everybody has the right to be elected. I shall stand for the Chisinau Mayor’s post [next year]”, stated Serafim Urechean.

Urechean maintains he had left the Chisinau Primaria [city government] “not just for nothing but to fulfill an important mission – to remove the Communists from power”.

“Having denied our ballots to the Communist Party in 2009, we deprived them of power. I managed to create an illusion that Vladimir Voronin [MCP leader] would receive the ‘golden vote’. At the same time, I held 41 MPs representing other parties from voting for the Communists. If we had failed to do that, we all would continue living under a Communist governance until now”, said Serafim Urechean.

He maintains that the Communist governance of the Moldovan capital and of the country as a whole brought about much harm.

“By harshly interfering into the work of local self-governance organs, the Communists influenced the development of Chisinau negatively. Take the Northern Bus Terminal for an example. Zgardan and Voronin just set up a barn there. They were building it in a great haste, trying to launder the money as soon as only possible. Meanwhile, according to our initial plans, the city was first going to build an up-to-date Central Bus Terminal, and the place of the current North Terminal was going to be used for building a multi-level parking for thousands of cars”, said the former mayor.

At the same time, the incumbent city government [headed since 2007 by Mayor Dorin Chirtoaca of the Liberal Party] “has made many mistakes as well”.

“I don’t want to offend anybody personally, but look what our central streets have developed into. Chaotically scattered kiosks and stands everywhere, awfully looking construction objects. All this has thrown the city centuries back in its development. Edifices are being constructed in parks and other green zones. The overcrowding of construction is so high that any civilized architecture is just out of the question. Attics are being built on old edifices with an insane frenzy and with serious technical violations”, said Serafim Urechean.