28 march

Protesters demanded from Chisinau Mayor to stop ‘BUILDING’ modern city

The Party of Socialists representatives, Chisinau Central Market workers, architectural and historic monuments and cultural center Buciumul defenders demanded from the Chisinau Mayor Dorin Chirtoaca to “stop creating a European city as he is doing this now”. Such a statement has been declared during the more than 100 people protest action in front of the Chisinau primaria [local executive authority].

The Party of Socialists executive secretary Vlad Batrincea said that “even in 2017, when Dorin Chirtoaca has been elected as mayor, he promised to the citizens that Chisinau will become a European city, that everything will be according to European standards, and now he is destroying the capital and issues authorizations for illegal constructions”.

“The mayor does not care about the fact that the Audit Chamber identified in the primaria activity violations worth a huge sum of money. He thinks that Chisinau citizens know nothing about all the local authorities’ machinations and that he will get away with it. Sooner or later he and his accomplices will be brought to criminal responsibility”, declared Batrincea.

Central market workers, who also protested at primaria, said that the local authority “wants to deprive people of jobs”.

“The mayor promised that during the construction of the Central market, sellers will be provided with new work places, but it did not happen”, said the protesters.

Cultural center Buciumul defenders played a humoristic sketch about the new Center owners and the local authorities’ decision to build a trade center instead of the cultural center.

Protesters said that they do not mind that Chisinau to be a European city, but not with such methods as Chirtoaca does. According to them “the city should be further developed, but architectural monuments must be preserved and not destroyed”. During the protest actions, none of primaria employees came in front of the protesters. The order at the protest has been assured by 10 policemen.