17 march

Women are higher in number than men

Women represented 51.9% of Moldova’s population on January 1, 2013, with men making up 48.1% respectively. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, the prevalence of sexes differs depending on age groups. The men prevail in the 0-15 age bracket and the category of able to work people, while women in the group of persons whose age is over the working age. The life expectancy of women is higher than of men. Women live by about 7.8 years more than men, IPN reports.

The average length of life depends on the place of living. Men in towns live by 3.6 years on average more than the men in villages. In the case of women, this discrepancy is 3.8 years. The women get married earlier than men. The average age of women at the first marriage is 23 years, while of men is 26. Most of the men who got married in 2012 belong to the 25-29 age bracket (37.4%), while women get married mainly at the age of 20-24 (45.3%). The marriages at the age of up to 20 are more frequent in rural areas. 17.1% of the number of marriages in villages involved women younger than 20, as against 6% in rural areas.

In 2012, there were born 39,400 children or by 0.6% more than in 2011. More boys are born annually than girls. Boys represent 51.7% of the newborns, the ratio being of 107 boys to 100 girls. In 2012, the average age of the mothers who gave birth to the first child was 23.7 years. The women from rural areas give birth at an earlier age than the women from urban areas, respectively at 22.8 and 25.1.