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Amid protests, LGBT activists in Moldova organize pride march

More than 100 people have called on equal rights for the LGBT community of Moldova. The Equality March was organized in Moldova’s capital of Chisinau on Saturday. Several incidents have been reported during the half-hour-long march. Law enforcement had to intervene a few times, arresting some aggressive individuals. Nobody was hurt.

Relatives and friends of homosexuals in Moldova have also joined the march. The LGBT activists say that they are seeking equal rights for all and no more discrimination.

A counter manifestation was also organized. Dozens of teenagers have tried to attack the LGBT activists but they were stopped by the police who ensured effective protection of gay and lesbians this year.

Furthermore, pastors and believers have made prayers during the gay march and have sanctified the street where the sexual minorities have passed.

The pride event was attended by Western ambassadors accredited in Moldova. Among participants was Polish MP Robert Biedroń.

This is Moldova’s third successful gay pride march following two other similar smaller-scale events that were organized last year.

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