17 june

Bikes for Plahotniuc village are allowed to be imported Duty Free

Grozesti village Nisporeni raion will receive 475 used bikes and 72 sewing machines from USA. Pedals for Progress from New-Jersey will put them to local organizations Ora Grozesti.

On Thursday, the Parliament passed a law exempting this technique and spare parts from import payments.

The project presented by the Deputy-Democrat Raisa Apolschi caused ambiguous reaction of the parliament, as the equipment is designed for the village where first Vice-Chairman of the Democratic Party, well-known entrepreneur, now major politician (first Deputy Chairman of DPM) Vlad Plahotniuc spent his childhood.

Liberal Democrat Maria Ciobanu expressed bewilderment, how can a bike improve the living standard of the villagers?

Communist Grigory Petrenco believes that “in adopting such projects, the parliament turns into a circus”.

His colleague Artur Resetnicov also believes that the project is of pre-election character.

The leader of the Democratic Action Party Mihai Godea believes that by retreating from the Customs Code not only bikes can be imported in our country, but also rice, pasta, and sunflower oil.

Despite criticism, the governing coalition voted for the document with a minimum-possible majority of 52 MPs in the 101-member Parliament of Moldova.