21 july

Odalisque’s Well to be restored

The Ministry of Culture will allocate 17,000 lei for restoring the Odalisque’s Well in Lipnic village of Ocnita district, which is a national monument included in the Register of Monuments of the Republic of Moldova. The initiative was put forward after a group of people set the objective of rehabilitating and laying out the battlefield of Stephan the Great with the Tatars and of restoring the well, IPN reports.

Minister of Culture Monica Babuc said the places of such a historical value as the Odalisque’s Well and the battlefield of Stephan the Great with the Tatars in Lipnic, which are attested by documents, deserve to be emphasized and presented to the people in Moldova and abroad.

The Lipnic battle of August 20, 1469 was the only battle fought by Stephan the Great on Moldova’s territory. It started near the Odalisque’s Well situated on the outer edge of Lipnic. This place has been reconstructed for several times. The last time the spring was cleaned in 1989.