06 may

Free press days begin in Moldova

The traditional Free Press Days have begun in Moldova to last whole May. Their program includes various cultural and other events, in particular the presentation of the 2013 Report of press freedom in Moldova.

Independent Journalism Center Director Nadine Gogu told a news conference on Monday that judging by the above monitoring, the situation in the mass media field in Moldova has not actually changed, and has even worsened to a certain extent.

In her words, the Iurie Leanca Government, upon coming to power, presented its program of media modernization and financing, pluralism development, “But nothing of this sort has been done over the past year. The situation has not improved, it has even deteriorated”.

Nadine Gogu stressed that in fairly many instances, the authorities were overtly rude to journalists, threatening them and putting obstacles to their work.

“In 2013, a bill was approved in a first reading on prohibiting online transmissions from Government meetings. If the bill is passed in a second, final reading, this will mean that our authorities do not observe transparency”, said the Independent Journalism Center Director.

Nadine Gogu hopes that upon reading the Report results, the Parliament will introduce amendments to the Law on Media Activities, and will promote journalists’ activities instead of impeding them.

Independent Press Association Chairman Petru Macovei said that in the Days framework, the Expresul newspaper of Ungheni town is holding a caravan under the slogan of “Don’t let yourself be manipulated or thought instead of you”. The journalists of the Expresul and Unghiul newspapers are holding meetings with local residents, and are distributing information leaflets.

“A competition for journalists called “Promotion of human rights in the Moldovan media” has been launched. On May 7, the Association is inviting all willing people to come for the presentation of a research called “Media Reforms in 2009-2013: between promises and actions””, said Petru Macovei.

On May 8, the Association will make public its first issue of a supplement called “The European objective – let’s talk Europe”. The supplement will be available to everybody who buys one of the 16 Moldovan all-republican or local newspapers in Romanian or Russian, whose aggregate rotation constitutes 85 thousand copies.