24 july

​LDP Chairman called on society and politicians to unity and solidarity

On Wednesday, at the briefing dedicated to the suspension of the import of agricultural products to Russia, the Chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party (PLDM), Vlad Filat has called on “unity and solidarity” the society and parties, who are worried for the fate of the Republic of Moldova.

"The introduction of an embargo on the import of fruits and canned foods, Russia decided to punish the Moldovan citizens but not the authorities, a party or politicians, namely citizens. By this decision, Russia intends to punish all of us for Moldova's European choice, for the desire to be free and to live better", said Vladimir Filat.

He stressed that “there is no reason for these hostile actions, as Moldovan products meet all international and European standards, all the Moldovan products are being tested in modern laboratories”.

Filat expressed regret that there are parties and politicians in Moldova who act against its own people.

He is sure that “the path of national unity and solidarity will be able to withstand all challenges”.

According to Vlad Filat, to minimize the effects of embargo, the PLDM uses all diplomatic, political and technical instruments. As a member of the European People’s Party (EPP), PLDM will apply to the European partners for support, ensuring the increase of quotas for export of goods in the EU, and will also search financial compensation to producers suffering from the embargo.

He expressed satisfaction with the response of international organizations and Moldovan partners on development, which “do not only expressed solidarity but also helped in problem solving”.