06 june

Vladimir Voronin provides details about “Antifa”

The leader of the Communist Party (PCRM) Vladimir Voronin said the work of the anti-fascism organization “Antifa” was stopped at his personal intervention. He made such a statement in the program “Fourth power” on N 4 TV channel, IPN reports.

According to Voronin, “Antifa” was set up and administered by Communist MP Grigore Petrenco with the aim of combating fascist manifestations. He wasn’t informed about it and found out about its existence in May, when its members tied the Saint George Ribbon on the fence of the Embassy of Ukraine.

Vladimir Voronin said that he requested Petrenco and the Komsomol activists to stop the activity of “Antifa” because the statutes of the PCRM stipulate the fight against fascist manifestations and thus the new organization does a similar work.

The Communist leader underlined that nobody will leave the administration of the PCRM. Only the places will be changed.

Vladimir Voronin expressed his conviction that the PCRM will win this autumn’s parliamentary elections and emphasized that it will not form an alliance with the parties that will enter Parliament. “We do not have common interests with those from the right, while the leftwing parties include persons who betrayed our party,” he stated. He denied any cooperation or alliance with the Democratic Party.