05 june

Deputy mayor disproved information about illegal tender for road repairs

Deputy Mayor Nistor Grozavu disproved at the Tuesday Municipal Council meeting the media information that primaria [local executive authority] has conducted an illegal tender to select company for repairing the Stefan Cel Mare, Constantin Negruzzi and Vasile Alecsandri streets.

He named false rumors that the tender winner was initially known.

“The contest was international with participation of six construction companies. The winner became the company, which not only proposed the most optimal price for services, but also has experience in working in Moldova. There are all the necessary documents and anyone can see them and make sure that the procedure was legal and according to all the standards”, said Grozavu.

Talking about accusations that the company-winner can not conclude the Aleco Russo street repairs and did not fulfill all the requirements, he also called them a lie.

“In this delay there is primaria’s fault, which has included changes in the project at the last moment, thus causing some problems. In two days the results of the conducted repairs quality expertise will be presented. Only then we could say or demand something”, said the Deputy Mayor.

According to him, “the information that a sum of 11.5 million euros will be spent for repairing three streets is not precise, as the calculations are still carried out and the figures may change”.

Counselor Victor Gurau of the Communist Party told the municipal council that “primaria hides the information about the fact that Romanian company, which won the tender, is problematic”

According to him, “they did not finalize three projects in Romania and still can not put into operation the Chisinau Aleco Russo street, though it has been two years since the repairs have begun”

The Counselor proposed to create a special commission of 7 people, which would investigate the quality of the streets repairs.

“I propose that the commission would include three counselors from Communist Party, two – from the Liberal Party, and one each from Liberal Reformists and Liberal Democrats”, said Gurau.

The proposal was voted unanimously by all the 37 municipal counselors present at the meeting.

Infotag’s dossier: The tender on three Chisinau streets repairs, financed from the EBRD credit, was won by Romanian company DELTA ACM-93, which is already engaged in repair works on the Alecu Russo street.