19 august

Ministry of Transport criticizes Air Moldova company

Minister of Transport and Road Infrastructure Vasile Botnari severely criticized authorities of the state airlines company Air Moldova, which have admitted serious violations in their activity – from flights delays to technical failures.

According to the Ministry of Transport press release, he mentioned that all the shortcomings in the company work should be improved as soon as possible, while the passengers, who have issued complaints, to be paid compensations and brought apologies.

Botnari warned the Air Moldova managers about personal responsibility and expressed readiness of the Ministry to make order in the company.

In his turn, the Deputy Minister Vladimir Cebotari has no doubts about the company’s success.

Last week, he said in the interview to the NewsMaker portal that in 1Q2014 the company shows results, better than over the last 20 years.

“This year the Air Moldova will be in advantage with millions of dollars and will reach very good results. Perhaps, its cost will increase several times against last year, when the airlines cost almost fell to zero”, explained the official.

As for the company’s problems, Cebotari said that over the last year the regularity of its flights exceeded 95%.

“These results are to be envied by the majority of the world airlines. Everybody has problems, including Air Moldova. Sometimes the problems depend on the company, sometimes do not. Such cases happen with all the airlines everywhere, but show me a passenger in Europe, which due to flight delay starts to call TV channels, magazines and raise a stink”, wonders the official.

Infotag’s dossier: Five incidents happened with the Air Moldova Company over less than three weeks. The most scandalous happened on July 30, when an Airbus A321 plane, taken in leasing from Greek airlines, returned back to Chisinau airport after departure to Moscow. Failure of one of electronic systems forced Greek pilots to circle above the republic for 1.5 hours, burning the combustible, and only then to go to the landing.