03 february

Record voter turnout in Gagauz plebiscites

The voter turnout in the referendums held in the Autonomous Territorial Unit of Gagauzia exceeded 70% and no violation was recorded during the voting, head of the local Central Election Commission Valentina Lisnic said after the closing of the polling places, IPN reports.

As many as 70,777 people took part in the plebiscites. This is 70.42% of the voters included in the electoral rolls. According to the political leaders of the autonomous unit, these indexes are unprecedented in the modern history of the region.

The highest voter turnout was recorded in Ceadir Lunga – 77.8%. In Comrat and Vulcanesti, the turnout was 68.2 and 61.31% respectively.

The Central Election Commission of Gagauzia announced that the preliminary results will be made public in the first half of February 3.

On February 2, the people in Gagauzia took part in two referendums – a consultative one, on the external development course of Moldova and a legislative one, on the Gagauz people’s right to self-determination if Moldova loses its sovereignty. The Comrat Court ruled that both of the plebiscites are illegal.