24 february

National vine and wine office is completing the formation of coordination board

The National Vine and Wine Office is completing the formation of the NVWO Coordination Board that will include the representatives of business circles and the Government, says Office Director Dumitru Munteanu.

Out of its 13 members, 12 are already in place. Three experts have been delegated by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry, and 9 – by the business community represented by the Association of Producers with Protected Geographical Names and the Association of grape nursery owners and brandy producers. The 13th post, intended for the Balti Association, is vacant, so far.

The NVWO director and his staff are not subordinate to the Ministry. Relationship with it will be built on a parity basis, and this is exactly what the public-private partnership is about, says Dumitru Munteanu.

Touching on NVWO objectives, the director highlighted that the Office will be transformed into an organization, where vine growers and winemakers will be getting answers to all their questions – mostly for free, and only some individual, special requests for assistance will be for a payment, but according to established tariffs.