17 february

Liberals keep struggling against inconsistencies in 2014 budget policy

On Friday, the Moldovan Constitutional Court recognized as non-constitutional the changing of the rates of excise duties on prestigious cars with engine volumes of 2,500 to 3,000 cubic centimeters (cc).

In the 2014 budget-and-tax policy, railroaded by the parliamentary CEG majority in haste on the Christmas eve, the excises were reduced from the previous 3.5 euros/cc down to 2 euros/cc. The Liberals could not indeed tolerate such decision, and challenged it with the Constitutional Court.

Liberal MP Valeriu Munteanu stated in Parliament on Friday that the Constitutional Court passed the only possible – correct decision, “which will force the ruling coalition into thinking twice before they decide next time to put their hand into the population’s pocket”.

“The authorities’ behavior is just amoral. A multitude of their decisions are wrong, or simply run contrary to the law, and this is often confirmed by the Constitutional Court. In this particular case, the Court ruled that such tax changes may not be made without Government’s decision. We are very glad that this law has been cancelled, so excise duties on luxury cars shall remain as before”, said the Liberal.

According to him, this Constitutional Court decision will mean a return of some 300 million lei to the State Budget, “which sum the Liberal Democrats were projecting to grasp for themselves. We shall not stop on this, for we have 4 more inquiries lodged with the Constitutional Court concerning the raw paper – the budget-and-tax policy”.

As already reported by Infotag, last Wednesday the Moldovan Government decided to analyze once more the Policy text “because the document text approved previously by the Cabinet differs from the one adopted by the Parliament”.