14 july

15 km of roads to be lit in Stefan Voda district

A number of 15 km of roads in the villages Ermoclia, Festelita and Popeasca of Stefan Voda district will be lit within an inter-community cooperation project that is supported by the local mayor’s offices and the Joint Integrated Local Development Program. The Program provided US$100,000 as a grant, while local authorities contributed 200,000 lei.

Mayor of Festilita Nicolae Tudoreanu has told IPN that this project has an older history that started in 2013 with training courses on how to obtain and use funds.

Within the project, there will be purchased a special vehicle for repairing the lighting system, to the value of 180,000 lei.

The mayor said that in parallel with the works to rehabilitate and put the public lighting system into operation, an inter-community company will be created to enable the mayor’s offices to cooperate between them. At the beginning, the company will provide public lighting services, but then will also provide services to lit private households. It will also perform repair and modernization works.

According to Nicolae Tudoreanu, the inter-community association may extend its activity to cover other services such as cleanup, water supply and sewerage. “A good service should cover a wider area. Therefore, the project will include a number of mayor’s offices,” stated the mayor.

While the project will be under implementation, the mayor’s offices of the three villages will be assisted by technical and logistics personnel of the Joint Integrated Local Development Program. It is projected that the works will be completed at the end of this December. The project will benefit over 11,000 people.