23 june

Ghenadie Ciobanu: EU means standard for organizing living

The European Union means a standard of cultural life, for organizing living. After the ratification of the Association Agreement, Moldova will start to modernize, including at cultural level. The people will have much more time for cultural-artistic psychotherapy and for cultural events, Liberal-Democratic lawmaker Ghenadie Ciobanu said within a survey conducted by IPN among lawmakers

The MP believes that the people will organize their time in a different way so that culture becomes part of their life, as in the civilized countries. “The people will understand that spirituality is an indispensable part of life, not only materialism,” stated Ghenadie Ciobanu.

He also said that he will vote for the ratification of the Association Agreement so that the people enjoy better living standards and learn to organize their time, based on the example of those whose civilization is hundreds of years old and who knew how to organize a better, more decent and more human life at social, cultural and economic levels.

Moldova will sign the Association Agreement with the EU on June 27.