22 july

Acceptance of documents to universities starts in Moldova

The acceptance of documents in higher education institutions has started on July 21 in Moldova. According to the Ministry of Education, in 2014 the selection of candidates is carried out in 30 universities (19 state institutions and 11 - private) at 175 specialties on the first cycle of education (Licentiate) and 500 specialties on the second cycle (Master).

Over 19.5 thousand places in universities are proposed for the first education cycle, over 6.4 thousand of which are financed from the budget, and over 13 thousand are on contract basis. For the second education cycle, over 8.6 thousand places are proposed, 3.5 of which are financed from budget and over 500 thousand – on contract.

For the graduates from Bender and eastern raions of Moldova, over 483 budgetary and 325 contractual places are proposed for the fist and second education cycles.

Only graduates - holders of the lyceum or general specialized education diplomas may participate in competition for admission. This year 90% of all the proposed education places are designed for baccalaureate diplomas owners and 10% - for holders of the diplomas of general specialized education graduates.

15% of the total number of places is designed for the graduates from among orphans or persons with disabilities, as well as those who have disabled parents. The application in groups with Russian language of instruction will be made depending on the specialty and its relevance.

During the selection for budgetary places, the medium average of the baccalaureate exams and profile disciplines will be taken into account. Some universities are also conducting artistic exams. The studies on commercial basis cost from 5 to 22 thousand lei for an academic year. The most expensive is studying on the dentistry faculty in the Moldovan State University of Medicine, where annual contract costs over 20 thousand lei per year. It is followed by Pharmacy – 18 thousand lei and General Medicine – 17.5 thousand lei.

According to the studies’ costs, the second after medicine is jurisprudence. Training at the Faculty of Law costs around 10 thousand lei, while at the Faculty of Economics costs from 6 to 8 thousand lei, depending on the university.

The cheapest education is in the pedagogical faculties, where the annual contract costs from 5 to 6 thousand lei.

This year, the graduates may submit documents to several universities and several faculties simultaneously, but they will be admitted to only one, where the documents’ originals should be presented. Each university conducts admissions on their own rules, approved by the Ministry of Education, as well as calculates average grades according to its own formula.