29 august

Premier Leanca Requests to Consider Building a Ring Road Around Chisinau

At the Government’s ordinary working meeting on Tuesday, Moldovan Prime Minister Iurie Leanca requested Minister of Transport and Road Infrastructure Vasile Botnari to urgently study possibilities of building a ring road around Chisinau.

Leanca said that it was high time Moldova had built such a road to spare the capital city and some suburban communities of an excessively heavy transit traffic. Such a demand has been long put to him by the residents of one of such communities – Ialoveni.

Leanca said he doesn’t know if there exists a second such capital in Europe like Chisinau – without a road in detour of the city. As a result, any car or truck coming, say, from southern Moldova and bound for north of the republic or for Transnistria has no other way to go but via Chisinau or Ialoveni, which is not good in the conditions of the already overloaded traffic in the city.

The prime minister demanded that a plan of resolving the problem be presented to him before next week.

“First of all we should design roads that do not exist, so far. By the next Government meeting, please inform me about how much the ring road designing will require so that we could think where to take money from for this very important undertaking. Negotiations with external partners ought to be commenced already now because the sum is going to be quite large, but this investment is extremely necessary”, stressed Prime Minister Leanca.