11 april

Taraclia detainee blackmails Chisinau family from behind bars

A man from Chisinau was threatened with physical abuse by a group of individuals. On the pretext of having criminal authority, they blackmailed the man into paying an invented debt of €1,700, IPN has learned from the General Police Inspectorate.

During investigations, it was established that the group was managed by a detainee from Penitentiary No. l situated in Taraclia town. He is serving there 14 years for robbery and banditry, being convicted in 2010.

The victim was obliged by the individuals to register a power of attorney for his personal car in the name of one of them. Several days later, without the man’s consent, they sold the car for €750. The man was also obliged to register his house in the name of a third person for an indefinite period, until a claimed debt of €4,000 was paid.

During an operation, the police arrested two of the suspects, who were put under arrest for 72 hours. Upon a search of the cell of the Taraclia prisoner, there were found two mobile phones with the SIM card used to phone the victim and to manage the criminal group.

If the suspects are found guilty of blackmail, they will serve up to 13 years in jail.