27 january

Number of Moldovans returning from Spain amid recession, lower than expected

Amid high unemployment in Spain, only a few Moldovans residing here returned to their homeland. According to Moldovan Ambassador to Madrid, Valeriu Gheorghiu, the number of those who returned during the recession “is lower than expected.”

The diplomat said that not everyone lost their job during the crisis, the Moldovans being respected workers in Spain.

“Generally, the Moldovans are seen as good, skilled and hardworking laborers,” Ambassador Gheorghiu said in an interview with Moldova.ORG. “Besides skilled constructors, we also have lawyers, doctors, musicians and professors here.”

According to him, the Moldovans easily integrate within the Spanish community and do not violate the law.

“This is very appreciated in Spain,” he said.

The Ambassador stressed that the biggest problems encountered by Moldovans residing in Spain are referred to finding a job, especially among elderly. He added that the social welfare issues, pensions and recognition of Moldovan driver’s licenses are among the top issues. However, the younger people being already employed fear losing their job in the near future.

Over 50% of Spanish teenagers are unemployed.

The Spanish legislation envisages that legal foreign residents have the same social security rights as the citizens of Spain.