27 may

Liberal Party going to challenge Moldova’s neutrality in Constitutional Court

The Liberal Party of Moldova intends to challenge in the Constitutional Court the constitutional provision stipulating the Republic of Moldova’s permanent neutrality, LP leader Mihai Ghimpu stated at a news conference today.

Ghimpu stated that ever since the Constitution adoption in 1994, this Article in the Main Law has been not valid because the military contingent of a foreign country [Russia] has been deployed in the territory of the Republic of Moldova [in Transnistria].

“Article 11 in the Constitution reads that Moldova does not permit deployment of foreign troops in its territory. However, Russia invaded Moldova yet in 1992, and is not going to go home. Throughout whole history, Russia has been acting against our statehood, so if we don’t take measures, we may lose our own country”, warned Mihai Ghimpu.

In his words, “The only way out is to accede to NATO”.

“If we are not a neutral state, then what can prevent us from joining the North Atlantic Alliance? Why should we tolerate Russian troops on our land, but cannot deploy NATO troops here?” demanded the Liberal Party leader.

MP Valeriu Munteanu of the Liberal Party is convinced that it is impossible to abolish Moldova’s neutrality through parliament, “and this is why we have to address the Constitutional Court”.

“We are not able to ensure a constitutional majority on the issue because some forces will be necessarily against this. And some parliamentarians, despite an initial agreement, will refrain from voting at the last moment”, presumes Munteanu.