14 april

Stopping at half way to EU is the greatest risk for Moldova, expert

Stopping at halt way on the path to the EU is the greatest risk for Moldova now, head of the Resource Center “Dialog-Pro” Lilia Snegureac said in the public debate “How much additional freedom can free movement in Europe bring to Moldovans and what can they do with it?”, organized by IPN Agency. The expert stated that the people must see the benefits of the rapprochement between Moldova and the EU as soon as possible.

“The obligations assumed by Moldova were underlined by most of the European officials. The greatest risk is stopping at half way. The EU needs a state with people with equal rights in its composition and Moldova must do what it has to at the same pace. We do not have time to work long. We must move fast so that the people see the benefits,” said Lilia Snegureac.

According to the expert, it is important that Euro-skepticism will reduce when the people see at least once what the EU is and what the rule of law is. “I know people who said they are against joining the EU. But they obtained biometric passports in order to benefit from the visa-free regime,” said Lilia Snegureac.

She also said that the rules of staying in the EU must be respected. “No risks will appear, including penalties, if the rules are obeyed. Nobody obtained a liberalized visa regime so quickly. The young people will benefit the most. We earlier launched a cultural exchange program for young people, but it failed because of the need to get visas. We yet need such projects in order to show who we are,” she stated, adding that the Transnistrians and the minorities, which are mostly against joining the EU, will also be able to travel freely.

Lilia Snegureac is sure that there will be enough criticism, but it counts less when there are no real arguments. “It is important from psychological viewpoint. The people will not have to queue up at the consulate to get a visa to go to the sea or the mountain to vacation. The EU wants us near and we should not stay isolated,” she noted. According to her, Moldovans’ mentality will change if the people are able to see the life in the EU member states closer.

The public debate “How much additional freedom can free movement in Europe bring to Moldovans and what can they do with it?” is the 28th of the series “Development of political culture by public debates”. IPN has staged these debates for the third year with the support of Hanns Seidel Foundation and in cooperation with Radio Moldova.