06 june

Democrats change their mind concerning celebration of Moldova liberalization anniversary

Parliament deputies from the Democratic Party, the authors of the recently submitted bill on marking the approaching 70th anniversary of the liberalization of Moldova from the Nazi occupation, withdrew their bill from the Parliament’s plenary agenda on Thursday.

DP leader Marian Lupu remarked in this connection that some time before, the Communists accused the Democrats of stealing the celebration idea from the Communist Party.

The Communist faction perceived this step by Democrats as an extra evidence of the DP’s mendacious policy.

Lupu stated, “You are accusing us of reluctance to discuss the bill. But you yourselves have never drafted anything of that kind. If you want to support the bill in such a manner, you should know that we don’t need Communist votes. We will manage without you”.

Liberal Party Chairman Mihai Ghimpu suggested withdrawing the bill from the agenda at all as one having no relation to the reality.

“Which liberalization of Moldova do you mean? The Republic of Moldova appeared as such only on August 27, 1991! Why liberalization of Moldova? It was Romania in 1944”, stated the Liberal indignantly.

Speaker Igor Corman put an end to the noisy debating, postponing the bill consideration until a later date.