17 july

…Thinks that choise between EU and Eurasian union should be made through referendum

Chisinau, July 16, 2014 (Infotag). The choice between the Association Agreement and the Eurasian Union [EurAsES] should be made in the form of a referendum, believes James George Jatras, Deputy Director of the American Institute in Ukraine, who took part in a Chisinau roundtable conference on the Agreement and the forthcoming parliamentary elections in Moldova.

Most importantly, he thinks, given the stakes for Moldova’s economy, and even for unity and civil peace, it would be wise to ask whether this is a decision that should be left solely to the parliament.

“In my opinion, this should take the form of a referendum on the choice between the AA with the EU, or the Eurasian Union, as some opposition parties have suggested”, the expert said.

While the EU ratification process continues, there is no reason this should be considered a closed issue in Moldova, despite the July 2 signing, said James Jatras.

“What has been ratified by one parliament can be revoked by the next. In a democratic country, it is necessary for political parties to make their case to the voters and be held responsible”, said the Deputy Director of the American Institute in Ukraine.