21 january

Zoo director will account for public money spent

The Chisinau Zoological Garden director Alexei Hantatuc will have to provide explanations how the money allocated to the Zoo has been spent after an internal audit revealed unjustified expenses, IPN reports.

Head of the Internal Audit Division of the Chisinau City Hall Raisa Cotorobai said that the Zoological Garden’s administration at the end of 2012 bought scenery elements, large pieces of decorative stone and 20 benches to be placed around a lake. The objects cost 177,000 lei. They were purchased when the works to dig the lake only started. In almost a year, when the audit was carried out, the benches were still kept in the storehouse, while the stone was stored on the territory of the Zoo. Thus, the auditors stated that the expenses were unjustified.

The auditors also established that too large amounts were spent on sidewalk tiles and rare species of white water lilies. One water lily was bought for up to 2,000 lei, which is twice or even thrice more than the market price.

For the rent of a car, the Zoological Garden reported costs of 19,000 lei a year at a time when the price of such a unit of transport is 15,000-20,000 lei. According to the auditors, it would be more reasonable for the administration of the Zoological Garden to purchase a unit of transport so as to avoid unjustified overheads.