23 july

Less than 50% of medical students on budget are looking for job in public sector

“Less than a half of students on medical faculties, whose studies are financed by the state, after graduation are looking for job in the public sector”, shows the audit report on human resources in the Ministry of Health, presented by the Audit Chamber on Monday.

The audit has shown that over 100 million lei, allocated for teaching students, “were used inefficiently”. According to the Audit Chamber statistics, the state have financed the teaching of people, who did not want to become teachers in the public sector, but hoped to work in the private sector or go to work abroad.

Also the Audit Chamber has mentioned that the young specialists are not motivated to work in the countryside, while benefits provided for this purpose are not a sufficient incentive.

Audit has also shown lack of prognosis of the long-term necessities. This means that the healthcare system does not have a method for identifying the necessary number of doctors, the fact that may negatively affect the level of provision the necessary specialists.

Audit Chamber has also criticized the Ministry of Health because it does not regulate the method of employing doctors and pharmacists and do not take into account the leadership skills of the directors of hospitals.

According to the inspection results, the ministry has not approved the strategy on the human resources development, substituting it with “conceptual basis”. The new document does not include all the measures necessary for the optimization of the healthcare system, which, according to the auditors “will not ensure operative problems solving”.

The Audit Chamber has proposed in its report 40 recommendations to improve the situation in the health care system.