19 june

Nistru war veterans demand taking measures against those who promote extremism

The National Union of the Independence War Veterans expresses its concern about the anti-national manifestations witnessed on Moldova’s territory, which are aimed at destabilizing the sociopolitical situation in the country, and calls on the police and the law enforcement bodies to take measures to prevent a scenario similar to the Ukrainian one.

In a news conference at IPN, the Union’s chairman Eduard Maican said the veterans are deeply concerned about the attempts made by extremist forces supported financially and politically from outside, which are aimed at preventing Moldova from following its European course. In a public statement addressed to the Moldovan administration, the members of the Union vehemently condemn the calls to anti-constitutional acts made by the heads of the extremism in Moldova, like those staged by the extremist movement “Antifa”, under the aegis of the Communist Party, and the belligerent statements made by the deputy of the People’s Assembly of Gagauzia Ilia Uzun. The Nistru war veterans call upon the law enforcement bodies to take attitude and counteract possible acts against the state.

“We, the Nistru war veterans, who were and are one of the main forces in the fight for defending the territorial integrity and independence of the state, declare with complete responsibility that we do not want to integrate into an area where democracy is suppressed by violence, while the opposition is marginalized by repressive acts. We do not want to integrate into a society where the basic human rights and fundamental freedoms are infringed and the foreign policy becomes more and more violent, while the excessive militarization process – an alarming reality,” reads the Union’s statement.

The veterans said the option of the leaders of the ‘pigmy’ parties managed by so-called patriots of Moldova represents a desperate attempt to put into practice the diabolic scenario of Moscow: to bring Moldova into a new archaic Soviet-type union that is economically, politically and socially unstable.

The members of the National Union of the Independence War Veterans note that all the latest extremist provocations are designed to thwart the signing of the Association Agreement with the EU on June 27. The veterans call on the police to take measures against those who promote extremism so as to avoid a scenario similar to that of 1992, which resulted in victims and losses of territories. They also ask making public the names of those who destabilize the internal situation and taking attitude.