14 july

Moldovan Parliament makes changes in its governing bodies

At its plenary meeting on Friday, the Moldovan Parliament made certain personnel changes in its governing structures.

First of all, the forum voted for discharging Adrian Candu, D, as Deputy Chairman of Parliament, and for appointing his party comrade Sergiu Sirbu on that post. Candu tendered resignation from the parliamentary post a few days ago because he had been appointed by the governing coalition as a Deputy Premier and Minister of Economy instead of Valeriu Lazar.

The opposition Communist faction did not take part in the voting for Candu, saying that they had no relation to appointing him a Deputy speaker, “so why should we participate in dismissing him?’

At the same time, the Communists were very strongly against giving the vacancy to their former party comrade Sergiu Sirbu, who left the Communist Party and joined the Democratic Party recently.

Communist MP Iurie Muntean hinted that Sirbu had allegedly received a ‘gratification’ for his going to another party. Muntean asked Sirbu if he had indicated all incomes in his annual declaration – “including your presents, donations, advance payments for something…” Muntean stressed he is particularly interested to know about the period after December 11, 2012, when Sergiu Sirbu stated his decision to quit the MCP.

Sirbu replied his declaration included “absolutely everything, all incomes and all property, including even the gifts I received at my wedding party”.

MP Oxana Domenti, a Communist, suggested not electing a new deputy speaker at all, and canceling this post as such.

“Next week will be the final one in this Spring-Summer Session, after which we will go on a summer recess. After it, a parliamentary campaign will begin. What for do we need an extra deputy speaker? By canceling the post, we could save a lot of money that can be invested, for example, in the National Mother and Child Center”, said Domenti.

Speaker Igor Corman remarked then, “If we had reduced the parliament list by 31 persons [the MCP faction’s strength currently], we could well save much more means thus making citizens much happier”.

By the votes of the factions representing the ruling Coalition for Pro-European Governance, Sergiu Sirbu was elected as a deputy speaker, which appointment was objected also, besides the Communists, by the Liberals, who reminded to the forum that “when in the Communist Party, Sergiu Sirbu used to stand up against the Romanian language and against national and European values”.