25 june

Association Agreement with bring enormous benefits to agriculture, Ion Balan

The Association Agreement with the European Union will bring enormous benefits to the agricultural sector of Moldova, said Liberal-Democratic lawmaker Ion Balan, who is ready to give his vote in Parliament for the ratification of the accord.

Within a survey conducted by IPN among lawmakers, Ion Balan said that when the agreement is ratified, Moldova will be able to easier access European funds for modernizing technologies in agriculture. Thus, there will be created new jobs in agriculture, namely in such areas as the processing, storage, keeping and exporting of agrifood products.

The lawmaker said that when he visits Moldovan settlements, he sees that the people have an increased interest in starting businesses in agriculture. “The large-scale projects will enable us to develop agriculture and the state,” he said.

According to Ion Balan, during four years the government took numerous steps to bring Moldova closer to the EU. “I have four children and a nephew and I will make everything possible for their future to be in the EU. I will not hesitate at all. I will come to the hearing and will vote for the ratification of this accord,” he stated.

Moldova will sign the Association Agreement with the EU on June 27.