20 march

Criticism leveled at director general of State Achieve Service

The director general of the State Archive Service of Moldova Ion Varta is criticized by a group of 45 historians and scientific researches. The people of science express their disappointment with the policy to hinder access to archive documents pursued by Ion Varta since his appointment to the post in 2012, IPN reports.

In an open letter, the people of science say that by an order Ion Varta modified the internal rules, restricting the obtaining of copies of documents kept in the units of the State Achieve Service. This hampers the research activities, the right to information being infringed.

The signatories express their surprise at the fact that Ion Varta, as a historian and scientific researcher, who was a colleague of many of them, instead of modernizing the archive system and facilitating access to documents, chose to confront the former colleagues and to limit access to archive documents.

In order to attract the Moldovan authorities’ attention to these deviations from the norms of a free and democratic society in the area of archive researches, the letter was sent to the head of state, head of Parliament and Prime Minister. It will also be sent to the representative of the EU in Moldova and to other embassies working in Chisinau.

Among the signatories are academicians Andrei Esanu, Valeriu Pasat, and Demir Dragnev, doctors habilitate in history Anatol Petrencu, and Valentin Tomulet, lecturers and doctors of history Virgil Paslariuc, and Igor Casu, doctor of law Mihai Tasca and others.

Contacted by IPN, the director general of the State Archive Service of Moldova Ion Varta said he will not make comments as he didn’t see the letter with the accusations made against him.