24 january

Public transport re-equipment with yellow plates shall be started from march

Taxis, minibuses and buses used for passenger conveyance will start to be reequipped with yellow license plates, on March 1, 2014, as per a decision on the matter approved by the Moldovan Government.

According to the Minister of Information Technologies and Communication, Pavel Filip this will allow enhancing the traffic security and consolidating control over the passenger transport.

“Not all the passenger transport means are licensed and meet the needed criteria for carrying people. The introduction of yellow license plates will allow better monitoring the conveyance of passengers via public transport means and identifying those who work illegally. Given the fact that the number of traffic accidents involving public vehicles has lately increased, we have to undertake measures to improve the situation in this field,” he said.

In his words, the new license plates will preserve all the parameters of the current ones, expect for their color. The entire re-equipment process is expected to take six months. The price of a new number plate will stand at 340 lei. click