14 may

Chisinau Primaria to provide 3–3.5 million lei for burned apartments repairs

Chisinau primaria [local executive authority] will allocate 3-3.5 million lei to repair 28 mansard floor apartments. The corresponding decision was taken at the Tuesday Municipal Council meeting.

Oleg Cernei of the Liberal Party said that the fixed sum may be identified only after receiving the expertise results and the calculation of damages.

Deputy Mayor Nistor Grozavu mentioned that “according to the law, the roof should be repaired primarily, in order not to have further problems because of bad weather”.

Municipal councilor Victor Gurau of the Communists Party proposed to return to the question of apartments’ building and repairs in autumn.

All the 44 municipal councilors, present at the meeting, voted for allocation of finances from the reserve fund.

Infotag’s dossier: A mansard in the 5-store building took fire in Chisinau on May 1. As a result 28 families lost their apartments. Initially, primaria allocated 10 thousand lei for each family left homeless.