27 february

European Parliament to decide on visa liberalization for Moldova today

The European Parliament on February 27 will consider the European Commission’s proposal to liberalize the visa regime for the Moldovan citizens, IPN reports.

After the vote in the European Parliament, consultations will be held between the Presidency, Parliament and the Council of the EU. The final decision will be taken by the EU Council, which consists of ministers of the member states, and will be published in the Official Journal of the European Union. It will take effect 20 days after it is published.

If a positive decision is taken, the Moldovans holding biometric passports will be able to make short-stay trips to the Schengen area, of up to 90 days within six months, without visas.

Moldovan and European officials anticipated that the decision will come into force at the end of May or the start of June. It will not enable the Moldovans to work in the European Union.