14 march

General Assembly of Judges expected to elect two magistrates

The General Assembly of Judges on March 14 is holding its fourth meeting to try to elect two members of the Supreme Council of Magistrates. Five judges are competing for the two vacancies, IPN reports.

Two of the judges are from appeals courts. Vera Toma represents the Balti Appeals Court, while Ion Muruianu – the Chisinau Appeals Court. Three candidates come from ordinary courts of law of Chisinau municipality: Victor Boica – the Buiucani Court, while Gheorghe Balan and Maria Ghervas – the Botanica Court.

The Supreme Council of Magistrates consists of 12 members. Three of them are chosen by Parliament from among titular law professors, while another three are ex-officio members – the president of the Supreme Court of Justice, the minister of justice and the prosecutor general. The other six are elected by the General Assembly of Judges from among judges by secret vote.

The first three judges of the six elected by the General Assembly of Judges were voted in on October 18, 2013. The fourth judge was elected in the January 17 meeting.