23 july

Initiative for protecting business community

The public association “Justitie si dreptate” (“Justice and fairness”) announced its intention to stage in several months a workshop involving businessmen and decision makers where to discuss the creation of a state body that would guaranteeing the security of businesses.

In a news conference at IPN, the association’s head Ion Dron said such a body is needed to end the illegalities committed in the economic sector. Large companies appropriate businesses in Moldova and the illegalities are committed with the consent of courts of law, which are sometimes accomplices.

The authorities and institutions empowered to work out and implement business regulations function autonomously and do not take promote and concerted measures when the investment or business of a person is in danger. The known attempts to appropriate and cases of appropriation of important shareholdings in banks are a relevant example, stated Ion Dron.

He noted that the authority that will protect businesses must have investigation and functional duties. Initially, it will contribute to working out and implementing mechanisms for discouraging and thwarting attempts to appropriate businesses through the judicial system, the prosecution service, the customs service, the Tax Inspectorate, the police and other state authorities.

Ion Dron added that in the long run, this state institution can become a center for analysis and permanent promotion of mechanisms for effective protection of businesses and investments in Moldova.

The association “Justitie si dreptate” sent a letter to the Government, by which it explains the need to create a state authority for protecting investments and businesses in Moldova.