19 june

Journalist Igor Volnitschi presents his new book

“It is an exciting, striking for our literature, extraordinary novel. I was astonished not only by an unexpected topic, but by also the form of presentation. I think that Igor Volnitchi has a great future as a writer”, said the Moldovan Writers’ Union Chairman Arcadie Suceveanu.

The Moldovan Academy of Sciences President Gheorghe Duca mentioned that he “was pleasantly surprised by the novel, which captures from the very beginning and does not let go until the last page”.

“In this novel we can see the history of our country, the suffering of one person and of the whole nation. The book makes to reflect about our actions, about the meaning of life and the mystery of death. The main conclusion of the novel – you should live decently, in order not to be ashamed of yourself and of your actions in the face of death”, underlined Duca.

Writers and social activists, who spoke at the presentation, underlined the novel’s maturity and wished the young writer new creative achievements.

Igor Volnitchi confessed that he was excited, introducing the novel to readers.

“I was nervous, when I gave the novel to the first readers – relatives, friends, the Writers’ Union Chairman. And I was ready to give up this idea, if they said that my attempt is doomed to failure. But they encouraged me, I concluded the novel and I hope the readers will like it”, said Volnitchi, reporting about new creative plans.

The novel “Teach me to die” represents a maddening drama of an old man, who at the end of life is tormented by terrible pangs of conscience, because of his reprehensible past and criminal acts, committed by him as a totalitarian regime “weapon”. The central personage of the novel tries to come to a compromise with his conscience, to have the possibility to pass away peacefully.

Infotag’s dossier: “Teach me to die” is Volintchi’s third book and his second novel. Four years ago, he published a popular scientific book “History of Parties”, which included the reference data about Moldovan political parties and interviews with some of their leaders, published during 10 years in the magazine “Banking and Finance” – Profit. In June 2013, he published the novel “The Hangman is Innocent” (“Calaul e nevinovat”). Igor Volnitchi is 37 years old. Since 1998 till 2009 he worked in the Infotag News Agency and the magazine “Banking and Finance” – Profit. In 2009-2013 he was the Senior State Advisor and the Press Secretary of the Prime Minister Vlad Filat.